Curtain pleat styles – practical tips

Curtain pleat styles – practical tips

Curtain pleat styles – possibilities

Curtains can effectively change your house looks. They are seemingly ordinary element of almost every house. Some people tend to overlook them when decorating houses and deciding on design. This is however a huge mistake. It’s truly a good idea to carefully consider curtains and the possibilities we can find here. Basically, you can find heavy woven curtains that completely cover the windows and shut off the light in this way keeping your privacy, but you can also choose from delicate and subtle curtain types. These are for example string or net curtains, curtain voiles or subtle ready-made curtains. There are truly many possibilities, you just have to carefully choose the style that suits your house best. Interesting type of curtains are pleat curtains. There are many pleat styles available from the traditional ones to more modern and fancy.

The most frequently appearing pleat styles are: single pleat, pencil pleat, inverted pleat, Dutch pleat or quite similar French pleat. They all slightly differ but pleat is what makes them similar. Interestingly, each kind of pleat is suitable for particular kind of material. For example the simplest single pleat is best with modern printed fabrics, as its simple form doesn’t draw too much attention and corresponds well with strong prints. Dutch and French pleats are suitable for basically all kinds of fabrics. They keep the balance well and make your rooms refer back to the tradition. One thing is however certain, no matter what pleat style you choose they can make a huge difference in your house design. They all look elegant and have an air of timelessness. Moreover, they all look good both in traditional house interiors a well as in modern, sleek ones.

Curtain pleat styles – possible arrangements

Let’s just imagine you’re to choose one of pleat styles. Let’s say you’re a huge fan of simplicity and single clear lines. Hence, the best choice for you is to go with single pleat. With single pleat you can choose bold patterns and strong colors. Single pleat doesn’t overwhelm the prints. As your living room is all washed in whites, you set on bold flowery print and grey color which suits most of other colors well. Can imagine, how your room is perfectly completed with well-matched curtains?