Modern living room – where to find inspiration

Modern living room – where to find inspiration

Modern living room – what’s really modern

Modern is a catchy word that’s more and more popular nowadays. What does it exactly mean in case of home design and interiors? Interestingly, not many people really know what modern is within home interiors context. The answer to this is quite simple. Modern is all about clearly defined lines (all kinds of spaces, materials and furniture),  clean cut edges (there’s no way for modern interior to have rough edges), careful layout (including all furniture, decorative elements and appliances) and planning. There’s no place for randomly placed decorative elements, for cluttered spaces filled to the very brim with all kinds of things or for spontaneity of any kind in general. To sum up modern is about minimalism, simplicity, functionality and careful planning. How to make your home look modern, especially when originally it wasn’t designed in such a way?

Modern home is about harmony, you can’t simply turn one of your rooms into modern one and leave out the rest. In this way you won’t be really achieving anything. It’s much better to start small, with one room where design and arrangement won’t pose any serious problems and then slowly continue with more challenging things and much more complex interiors. For starters it’s good to begin with smaller spaces like bathrooms or bedrooms, yet you can always easily begin with living room. Especially, if you want to use is a point of reference to all other rooms in your house. The question here is, how to make  your living room modern without hiring a home design agency?

Modern living room – possible designs

Modern living room can be easily created by yourself with your own ideas and resources. To make it modern you won’t really need very expensive things, materials or state-of-the-art appliances. Of course, they are really helpful when it comes to modern design, yet they aren’t necessary. To make it modern choose wall paint and general color scheme. Best practice here is to choose bright shades, like beiges or greys. It’s always a good idea to have walls a shade lighter in comparison to furniture. Then think of the way you want to arrange your space. What’s where and why. Keep in mind it all needs to be highly functional and your living room must be easy to navigate. Finally, choose some small decorative elements, but don’t spoil the final effect with too many decorations.