Light ideas – introduce sun

Light ideas – introduce sun

Light ideas – make your rooms brighter

Home design is a very important thing. It’s really not easy to have a design that is both practical and functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are so many factors to take into account and combine in a such a way that they look perfectly together. Just think of creating a uniform yet, unique design where such elements as color of walls, furniture, flooring and light coexist in a perfect balance and harmony. While designing home interiors many people overlook or totally forget about light. To many people light is just an element of functionality, only there to make your evening reading or day rest possible. Many people tend to underestimate the power of light and its possible impact on the whole of design. Proper light can truly make a difference. Even if the whole design isn’t really attractive, modern proper light can still save you. The advantages of proper light sources and ideas are: brighter rooms in small interiors, these rooms appearing bigger and more welcoming, reasonable light control that allows for having various effects, making a feature out of otherwise dull furniture or rooms etc.

Light ideas – be bold

Light ideas are many. You can find inspiration online or personalize ready-made solutions. However, there is one general rule to follow – when it comes to light be bold and don’t rely on half measures. When you truly want to introduce light be bold and go all the way through. For example, if your house is rather small good idea to introduce at least a little of light is to go wide and high with the curtains. Even if the window is really small it’s always a good idea to place curtains 10-20 cm wider than your window and the curtain poll should also be at least 10 cm above the window. In this way you can make even really small window seem bigger and introduce much more light. Proper curtain placement is a proven solution when it comes to enlarging and lighting your house.

Another bold idea is to use mirrors to reflect as much natural light as possible. To make this light idea effective remember to always hang mirrors perpendicular to the window and reflect the light into the room. If you hand the mirrors opposite the window you will reflect the light back into the window and from there to the outside.