Country colors – make your kitchen bright

Country colors – make your kitchen bright

Country colors – ideas for cabinetry and curtains

Country colors are gaining momentum now. They’re back on stage and much refreshed. Finally, country colors stopped being associated only with off-white colors or various shades of yellows, beiges or light browns. The moment has come for country colors to embrace such hues as: dusty pink, soft blue, sage green or light purple. With the new look of country colors it’s time for new designs and creative playfulness. Finally, keep in mind that country colors don’t have to be limited to traditionally furnished kitchens or living rooms. Be bold and play with tradition and modern approach to design and space organization. Take a moment and enjoy the designing and decorating process fully, in all its details.

Country colors – make your kitchen bright and inviting

For example, just imagine a kitchen where the cabinetry is set rather low. The cupboards are of dusty pink color. They’re quite intensive and stand out. Thanks to cabinetry being low they don’t threat to totally overwhelm the kitchen, but with this shade you must really be careful. To stop the dusty pink cabinetry from dominating the kitchen choose highly polished granite worktop. Choose bright color and have the edges clearly cut and defined. This surface can truly reflect the light and make your kitchen bright and shiny. Bright worktop stands in contrast to mat dusty pink cabinets and dilutes cabinets powerful effect. Besides, dusty pink cabinetry seems like a traditional, warm and welcoming kitchen and highly polished clean cut granite worktop is rather on a modern side. As a result, we have an interesting combination of traditional and modern approach to design.

Finally, don’t forget about curtains. They as well can be of country colors. If you match curtain colors with cabinetry you can have a really nice effect. In this way you can strengthen the prominence of the main color but without going overboard. To keep it all balanced don’t forget to add a few decorations of paler colors. Good idea is to have a plywood framed clock on a table or a few plants in strategic places that can brighten up a little bit and stop the color feeling flat and dull. Enjoy the colors to the full.