The power of cobalt blue

The power of cobalt blue

What is cobalt blue color

Cobalt blue is currently gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular in house design. You can find a lot of fabrics in blue. Think of furniture upholstery, carpets and rugs or curtains. What is blue exactly? It’s not an easy task to describe color using only words. Still, it’s worth a try. Cobalt blue is a blue pigment made by sintering cobalt with alumina. It’s a very stable color that has a long history of usage. It’s been used among others in ceramics and arts. Think of Chinese porcelain or impressionist paintings. They are filled with blue. If you still can’t imagine cobalt blue think of deep and intense blue ocean. The blue of pure midday sky.

Cobalt blue – possible arrangements

It’s enough to have just one blue element to make your house stand out. Just think of blue armchair placed in the middle of your room with white wall and crackling fireplace behind. By mixing sterile white or other light shades with blue you can add a Mediterranean vibe to your room. In this way sterile interior can gain a new dimension and catch attention of your guests. Another interesting idea is to have cobalt blue chairs around your white table in the very center of your white kitchen. Cobalt blue chairs can be a bold accent in your kitchen, making it alive and vibrant with energy.

Cobalt blue curtains

Finally, if you want to be more bold think of blue curtains. They can be really effective if you arrange your interiors carefully and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with color intensity. If you choose for example net curtains, the power of the color can be a little dispersed and the interior won’t look heavy and overpowering. If you paint your wall in light colors and furnish the room with light furniture the final effect should be stunning. If the idea somehow seems too bold choose curtain voile, which is much more delicate and subtle. The color here is even lighter than with net curtains but the effect can be very powerful.