Light ideas – introduce sun

Light ideas – introduce sun

Light ideas – make your rooms brighter

Home design is a very important thing. It’s really not easy to have a design that is both practical and functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are so many factors to take into account and combine in a such a way that they look perfectly together. Just think of creating a uniform yet, unique design where such elements as color of walls, furniture, flooring and light coexist in a perfect balance and harmony. While designing home interiors many people overlook or totally forget about light. To many people light is just an element of functionality, only there to make your evening reading or day rest possible. Many people tend to underestimate the power of light and its possible impact on the whole of design. Proper light can truly make a difference. Even if the whole design isn’t really attractive, modern proper light can still save you. The advantages of proper light sources and ideas are: brighter rooms in small interiors, these rooms appearing bigger and more welcoming, reasonable light control that allows for having various effects, making a feature out of otherwise dull furniture or rooms etc.

Light ideas – be bold

Light ideas are many. You can find inspiration online or personalize ready-made solutions. However, there is one general rule to follow – when it comes to light be bold and don’t rely on half measures. When you truly want to introduce light be bold and go all the way through. For example, if your house is rather small good idea to introduce at least a little of light is to go wide and high with the curtains. Even if the window is really small it’s always a good idea to place curtains 10-20 cm wider than your window and the curtain poll should also be at least 10 cm above the window. In this way you can make even really small window seem bigger and introduce much more light. Proper curtain placement is a proven solution when it comes to enlarging and lighting your house.

Another bold idea is to use mirrors to reflect as much natural light as possible. To make this light idea effective remember to always hang mirrors perpendicular to the window and reflect the light into the room. If you hand the mirrors opposite the window you will reflect the light back into the window and from there to the outside.

The power of cobalt blue

The power of cobalt blue

What is cobalt blue color

Cobalt blue is currently gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular in house design. You can find a lot of fabrics in blue. Think of furniture upholstery, carpets and rugs or curtains. What is blue exactly? It’s not an easy task to describe color using only words. Still, it’s worth a try. Cobalt blue is a blue pigment made by sintering cobalt with alumina. It’s a very stable color that has a long history of usage. It’s been used among others in ceramics and arts. Think of Chinese porcelain or impressionist paintings. They are filled with blue. If you still can’t imagine cobalt blue think of deep and intense blue ocean. The blue of pure midday sky.

Cobalt blue – possible arrangements

It’s enough to have just one blue element to make your house stand out. Just think of blue armchair placed in the middle of your room with white wall and crackling fireplace behind. By mixing sterile white or other light shades with blue you can add a Mediterranean vibe to your room. In this way sterile interior can gain a new dimension and catch attention of your guests. Another interesting idea is to have cobalt blue chairs around your white table in the very center of your white kitchen. Cobalt blue chairs can be a bold accent in your kitchen, making it alive and vibrant with energy.

Cobalt blue curtains

Finally, if you want to be more bold think of blue curtains. They can be really effective if you arrange your interiors carefully and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with color intensity. If you choose for example net curtains, the power of the color can be a little dispersed and the interior won’t look heavy and overpowering. If you paint your wall in light colors and furnish the room with light furniture the final effect should be stunning. If the idea somehow seems too bold choose curtain voile, which is much more delicate and subtle. The color here is even lighter than with net curtains but the effect can be very powerful.

Flower displays – invite the summer

Flower displays – invite the summer

Spring and summer flowers

Flowers are naturally associated with spring and summer. After all, spring is the time when flowers start to bloom and summer is the moment when they gain their peak. Just think of flowery meadows and fields filled with daises or wild flowers. The colors are really stunning and just a simple look can give you a boost of energy and make you feel balanced and in harmony with surrounding world. There is nothing surprising that people want to introduce flowers and nature into their homes. Nowadays, it can be a really tricky task hence, not many people can afford gardens or balconies filled with flower pots. What are the possible solutions here?

Flower displays – a few ideas

First of all, you can always have flower pots inside. Yet, it’s not enough to simply buy a few flower pots and put them all around your rooms. Hectic display can really damage your design and bring chaos instead of the feeling of harmony and rest. Flower displays need to be carefully planned to be effective, eye-catching and relaxing. If you choose flower pots be sure to choose right pot colors that suit your walls and furniture. For example, if your room is white washed it’s a good idea to choose contrasting intense flower pot color, like juicy green or sunny yellow.

When it comes to cut flowers displays it’s a good idea to put them in unusual containers. In this way you can give your room design a final touch of allure. The possibilities here are endless. Consider these few ideas: cut flowers put in jars instead of traditional vases, flowers placed in watering cans, flowers  in small bottles or even wellingtons. There are many ways that can create effective and attractive fresh flower displays.

Finally, if for some reasons you can’t have fresh or flower pots inside your house (you can be allergic or simply don’t like the mess or have little time to care for them) choose artificial flowers or decorative elements with flower patterns. Interesting idea is to have curtains with floral patterns. Just imagine curtains in your bedroom with flowers with deep blue petals in full bloom on a juicy green meadow.

Nursery room curtains – keep your child happy

Nursery room curtains – keep your child happy

Nursery room curtains – possible types and patterns

Arranging nursery room is not an easy task. Nursery room needs a special attention and very careful planning. After all, nursery room is a first place for your new born child to live and get to know the surroundings and the world in general. Nursery room is like a starting point for your children on their journey through life. Hence, it can’t be designed carelessly and with whatever materials that you come across. You need to remember that the surrounding mustn’t be aggressive and overwhelming. The colors must be kept bright and warm. The room mustn’t be crowded and filled with too many objects. Your child first of all needs to feel balanced and in harmony. Too many stimulants and distractions can make your child nervous and restless. On the other hand nursery room which is too sterile and dull won’t stimulate your child to develop and grow properly. When designing nursery room balance is always the key.

Nursery room curtains – make your child happy

Apart from walls, furniture and proper baby care appliances the curtains are very important element. Some people may think that they aren’t necessary, that it’s enough to have blinds or even leave the windows uncovered – this is however a huge mistake. Uncovered windows can introduce too much light which may be too bright and even harmful for a newborn child. Blinds and shutters on the other hand can keep too much light out and make the room dark and uninviting. After all, newborn child needs sun to grow healthy and happy. The best option here is to choose light curtains, good idea is to have curtain voile, which is very subtle and delicate but at the same time can block the harmful light. There are special materials for curtain voiles which block harmful UV radiation and aren’t heavy and overpowering.

To keep you child happy and healthy nursery room curtains should have rather light shades. Light colors provide balance and harmony and don’t overpower the child who is just learning the colors of nature. Still, curtains should give some point of reference. Hence, it’s a good idea to have some simple patterns on them. Choose for example floral elements or simple geometric shapes.