Floral bedding sets – invite the garden in

Floral bedding sets – invite the garden in

Floral bedding sets – latest trends

Floral bedding sets are gaining popularity now. The latest trends show that floral patterns draw attention of all kinds of customers. There are young women who love this kind of floral themes, children who enjoy them and whole families. Age, gender or hobbies don’t matter. Floral patterns have fans among all people. The latest trends show however, that not all kinds of floral bedding sets are popular. What are the most important patterns?

Fashion shows and latest publication show that there are basically two types of floral bedding sets that are trendy. First one is delicate floral patterns that is repeated throughout the set. For example, this can be delicate rose petals which are duplicated all over the set or blooming flowers again repeated all over. The second most popular are beddings presenting huge floral designs, like a single sunflower against green meadow or a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase. These images are single and cover a huge amount of bedding sets.

Floral bedding sets – possible arrangements

Floral bedding sets can really make a difference when it comes to your bedroom design. If chosen and then arranged properly they can set off your whole bedroom. There are many ideas how to use bedding sets in such a way. Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose the idea that suits your needs. Hence, it’s worth to remember two things. First of all, all ideas are good if suitably adjusted to your personal needs. Always follow your instinct when it comes to design and space arrangement. Never rely totally on other people’s opinions. Secondly, always personalize and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Floral bedding sets – invite the garden in

What are the possible ideas for floral bedding sets? Let’s choose a repeated floral pattern. Just imagine delicate rose petals with leaves repeated throughout the setting. Roses are deep red and the leaves juicy green. The pattern is repeated hence, the whole setting looks really overwhelming and powerful. To achieve the right result you need to place this bedding set in a rather unobtrusive interior. Perfect surrounding will be a white washed bedroom in line with modern design. Floral bedding set can present nicely against white walls and slightly darker white flooring. You can find floral bedding sets in amazingcurtains shop.

Country colors – make your kitchen bright

Country colors – make your kitchen bright

Country colors – ideas for cabinetry and curtains

Country colors are gaining momentum now. They’re back on stage and much refreshed. Finally, country colors stopped being associated only with off-white colors or various shades of yellows, beiges or light browns. The moment has come for country colors to embrace such hues as: dusty pink, soft blue, sage green or light purple. With the new look of country colors it’s time for new designs and creative playfulness. Finally, keep in mind that country colors don’t have to be limited to traditionally furnished kitchens or living rooms. Be bold and play with tradition and modern approach to design and space organization. Take a moment and enjoy the designing and decorating process fully, in all its details.

Country colors – make your kitchen bright and inviting

For example, just imagine a kitchen where the cabinetry is set rather low. The cupboards are of dusty pink color. They’re quite intensive and stand out. Thanks to cabinetry being low they don’t threat to totally overwhelm the kitchen, but with this shade you must really be careful. To stop the dusty pink cabinetry from dominating the kitchen choose highly polished granite worktop. Choose bright color and have the edges clearly cut and defined. This surface can truly reflect the light and make your kitchen bright and shiny. Bright worktop stands in contrast to mat dusty pink cabinets and dilutes cabinets powerful effect. Besides, dusty pink cabinetry seems like a traditional, warm and welcoming kitchen and highly polished clean cut granite worktop is rather on a modern side. As a result, we have an interesting combination of traditional and modern approach to design.

Finally, don’t forget about curtains. They as well can be of country colors. If you match curtain colors with cabinetry you can have a really nice effect. In this way you can strengthen the prominence of the main color but without going overboard. To keep it all balanced don’t forget to add a few decorations of paler colors. Good idea is to have a plywood framed clock on a table or a few plants in strategic places that can brighten up a little bit and stop the color feeling flat and dull. Enjoy the colors to the full.

Floral trends – keep up-to-date

Floral trends – keep up-to-date

Floral trends – creative ideas

Floral pattern can be a really interesting idea when it comes to curtains. Basically, you can have three kinds of patterns. Firstly, there are delicate floral patterns. Just imagine subtle floral patterns on your curtains or blinds. Delicate floral theme against light background can have a really great effect. Flowers with small petals and green leaves can give your room and edge and truly set it off. Another idea is to have repeat patterns. They are bold and eye-catching. You can choose from a variety of available patterns. There are for example, floral designs which only present leaves, other show only one element of flower like rose petals in high zoom or a group of wildflowers on juicy green meadow. Floral trends are gaining momentum now and there is no sign of them losing the popularity any time soon.

Floral trends – in line with modern design

Floral trends are in agreement with all kinds of design and architecture style. You can have floral patterns in your kitchen, both traditional – warm and welcoming or a modern one – sleek and sterile. Floral patterns look good in living rooms, dining rooms or even bathrooms or small toilets. Depending on the chosen style they can coordinate well with all kinds of colors. Juicy green leaves can be a great addition to your otherwise dull white washed kitchen. Delicate almost uniform repeat floral pattern can be great in more bold setting. Only imagine traditionally designed kitchen, with heavy tables and visible at first sight appliances, all cluttered with unnecessary yet, eye pleasing additions. Curtains with floral pattern will work here perfectly.

Finally, there is one very important quality of floral patterns. They are bringing nature to your house. Flowers, leaves, meadows they all get you have a glimpse of nature back in your house. They can make you feel relaxed and happy. They can give your sore eyes a long awaited rest and quiet. It’s especially important if you don’t have a garden or even a park nearby. After long hours of work in enclosed space of an office box it’s good to have something green to look at.

Light ideas – introduce sun

Light ideas – introduce sun

Light ideas – make your rooms brighter

Home design is a very important thing. It’s really not easy to have a design that is both practical and functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are so many factors to take into account and combine in a such a way that they look perfectly together. Just think of creating a uniform yet, unique design where such elements as color of walls, furniture, flooring and light coexist in a perfect balance and harmony. While designing home interiors many people overlook or totally forget about light. To many people light is just an element of functionality, only there to make your evening reading or day rest possible. Many people tend to underestimate the power of light and its possible impact on the whole of design. Proper light can truly make a difference. Even if the whole design isn’t really attractive, modern proper light can still save you. The advantages of proper light sources and ideas are: brighter rooms in small interiors, these rooms appearing bigger and more welcoming, reasonable light control that allows for having various effects, making a feature out of otherwise dull furniture or rooms etc.

Light ideas – be bold

Light ideas are many. You can find inspiration online or personalize ready-made solutions. However, there is one general rule to follow – when it comes to light be bold and don’t rely on half measures. When you truly want to introduce light be bold and go all the way through. For example, if your house is rather small good idea to introduce at least a little of light is to go wide and high with the curtains. Even if the window is really small it’s always a good idea to place curtains 10-20 cm wider than your window and the curtain poll should also be at least 10 cm above the window. In this way you can make even really small window seem bigger and introduce much more light. Proper curtain placement is a proven solution when it comes to enlarging and lighting your house.

Another bold idea is to use mirrors to reflect as much natural light as possible. To make this light idea effective remember to always hang mirrors perpendicular to the window and reflect the light into the room. If you hand the mirrors opposite the window you will reflect the light back into the window and from there to the outside.