Modern layout – with glow and warmth added

What is modern layout

Modern layout and design favours functionality and relies on practical approach. What does it mean in real life situations? Basically, it means that in flats and houses with modern layout you won’t find any element that’s out of place or redundant. Everything that’s there is to make your life easier and more comfortable at the same time. Spaces are organised in such a way as to give you as much room as possible, so that there’s nothing that hinders your way. Modern layout places furniture, equipment and fixtures completely out of your way, so you can easily navigate through your entire flat or house, there are simply no physical obstacles that can stop you on your way. Because of this modern layout can be distinguished by its smoothness, simplicity, clear lines and edges where everything falls in line.

If you’re having difficulties in imagining this think of a kitchen with modern layout. All kitchen cabinets create a perfect line. All kitchen fixtures and appliances are inside cabinets or hidden. There’s nothing in the middle, everything goes under walls, in agreement with their lines and edges. All these things are smooth and clearly cut, there’s not a thing out of place. All that’s there is necessary and plays a huge part in keeping this kitchen functional and easy to navigate. Can you a kitchen like this one? Do you imagine yourself feeling at ease there, or is there something missing? What’s that?

Modern layout with glow and warmth, is it possible?

Glow and warmth are missing in modern layout. Why is that? Basically, it’s because modern layout focuses on appearances and forgets about feelings. There are no emotions in contemporary kitchens, everything is hidden beneath and boiling, yet the surface appears smooth, there’s not a wrinkle there. Modern day kitchen is like a lake with smooth water surface with no ripples at all. It may be beautiful but at the same it’s a little boring and at some point even unnatural. What can you do to stir your kitchen back to life, to create ripples that can spread all over your space? Remember, that it’s enough to throw a little rock to make waves. You can start with anything, yet it’s the fabrics that can make your kitchen move out of its modern stillness. Try out new curtains.

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