Light fabric curtains – air of delicacy

Light fabric curtains – possibilities

Fabrics make spaces. They can create, shelter or fill them. Very often they are the very essences of otherwise empty spaces. There’s nothing really surprising in this, after all spaces are to be filled and fabrics are made for the very purpose. Yet, it’s interesting to know what are the possibilities of given types of fabrics. For the sake of this article let’s choose light fabric curtains. They are as the very name suggests light, therefore delicate, fragile, gentle and aerial and ethereal. So light that sometimes it’s even difficult to actually notice them. Still, they’re made of fabric so they have substance after all, they have their essence and body that you can feel, touch and mould according to your will. Finally, they are curtains, so they have their own predefined form and consequently function. All in all, light fabric curtains are delicate types of material that cover your windows. What can you do with them to create stunning effects, do you even need them?

Light fabric curtains – airy, fresh and floating

Every house or flat needs fabrics to become personal and have a soul. Of course, it refers to all kinds of fabrics, there’s no need to have everywhere actual curtains. Sometimes it’s enough to have just a small piece of napkin lying around on your living room table. There’s no need for big and definite statements, you can do a lot with just a little. Still, light fabric curtains are very often a way to go if you would like to add to your rooms a touch of fresh air and floating  energy. For example, imagine a kitchen with light fabric curtains. They are voile curtains, very delicate and almost transparent, or translucent when the light shines on them. Your curtains are light shade of blue with glimmers of silver here and there. They actually shimmer when reflecting the light. They are pretty short, ending pretty high above the window sill. They’re so delicate than even the slightest air movement makes them float. You’re leaving the kitchen but decide to take a final look back, a snapshot to carry with you, the doors is closing and the air moves up and makes your curtains move ever so slightly up, enough to let you see the greenery beyond the glass. Can you see it?

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