Hanging curtains – practical information

Hanging curtains – what you need to know

Curtains are really important element of home design and interior. They can make your living room stand out and effectively draw attention of your guests. Interestingly, even the smallest rooms and the ones appearing dull and boring can gain a new life with carefully chosen and artfully hanged curtains. Although, many people know that choosing curtains can have a huge effect on your general home design, not many tend to really care about proper curtains hanging. Yet, hanging curtains can be quite a challenge. It’s not a simple task of hanging curtains and forgetting about it afterwards. When hanging curtains you need to remember about few things. The most important things you need to consider when hanging them are: curtains length, placement of curtain rod, rod’s width and curtains panels. How to approach this topic practically so later you won’t have problems with sloppy curtains flooding your floor or hanging too high?

Hanging curtains – practical tips

First of all, remember about proper placement of curtain rod. If it’s too high or even worse, too low it can spoil the final effect. Even the most stunning curtains won’t look good if they’re spilling uncontrollably over your floor or hanging a way too high. Curtain rod should be placed slightly above window frame so that your curtains can hang properly no matter their length. Of course, when you’re buying new curtains you should definitely think of curtain rod placement. If you think of it in advance you can choose curtain’s length accordingly and save yourself future trouble. Another practical tip when it comes to hanging curtains is the fact that you need to stay away from hanging them too low or too high. After all, you don’t want to have them floating in mid-air, kissing the floor or puddling over it in layers. All three ways prove that something is definitely wrong with your curtain rod placement. Finally, remember that some patterns can make your room appear optically bigger and warmer. In any case remember that you need to plan everything ahead.

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