Voile curtains – jazz up your rooms

Voile curtains – jazz up your rooms

The power of accessories – characteristics of modern interiors

People tend to pay more and more attention to home design. It’s not only about people who are building their homes or arranging flats from scratch, but it’s also about people who are just remodelling or changing some minor things. Interestingly, home design quite a while ago stopped being only about wall paints, furniture sets or stylish and strategically placed decorative elements. Home design for some time has been showing us it’s new face. Finally, it’s the details and accessories that start to matter and shine. What’s about these details and accessories that suddenly are so significant, what makes them relevant within the bigger picture of home design enterprise?

Accessories and details are important because they are really the essence of home design and interiors. They are especially important in contemporary interiors where everything tends to fall into one of the categories: minimalism, simplicity or functionality. As a result contemporary houses and flats are very uniform and boring. In order to successfully distinguish them you need to put your mind to accessories. These are the accessories and small details that make the difference, that show your individuality and personal taste. Summing up, modern home design relies on practical solutions, minimalism and simplicity. As a result, with no clutter and redundancy your soul and personality is lost. In order to have it back and make your rooms stand out you need to choose suitable accessories. How to do it effectively with stunning results?

Voile curtains – let them shine

If you’re set on making a difference and having your room regained individuality and personal touch you should start easy. Choose only one element and try to proceed gently and with care. After all, you don’t want to spoil the final effect with too many details and accessories fighting each other off and leaving you to messy rooms with no allure at all. Best way to start with are the curtains. They aren’t a very typical accessory because they tend to occupy quite a lot of space, yet they can be your starting point. Let’s choose a particular type, for example voile curtains. Voile curtains are made of very thin and delicate fabric and appear light and fresh.

Voile curtains make a perfect choice since they are so delicate. They won’t make a huge difference, but they can definitely stand out and jazz up your rooms. If you really want to distinguish your rooms choose voile curtains that somehow reflect who you are or what are your tastes like. Don’t be bothered by rules of home design, coordinating colour schemes etc. Try to be as much personal as possible and you can truly change the way your rooms look. Be unique and remember that you are.

Floating curtains – if too low or too high isn’t an option

Floating curtains – if too low or too high isn’t an option

Floating curtains – a way to go

Home design is a really great area of activity. While designing your rooms and choosing materials and decorative elements you can truly play with your imagination and creativity. You can set off your rooms and turn even the dullest one into something beautiful and eye-catching. Unfortunately, at the same time, it’s pretty easy to spoil the effect with just one element out of place, poorly chosen decoration or improperly installed or fitted part of your room. Think for example of out of place, old-fashioned sofa located in the very middle of your room and destroying your space altogether or of curtains that are of wrong colour.

Yet, with curtains there’s one more trouble, they can be improperly hanged. You may think that hanging curtains isn’t such a great deal but unfortunately it really is. Poorly hanged curtains can definitely spoil the final effect and make all your room look ridiculous. Just think of curtains that visibly hang too low or too high. To avoid these common mistakes in case of hanging curtains just think of the so called floating curtains. What are they and what’s the help here? Floating curtains mean that they aren’t hanged too low or too high. They simply appear to float above the floor level.

Floating curtains – practical advice

The perfect way of hanging your curtains so they are floating is to have them an inch above the floor level. In this way they don’t touch the floor and appear to be barely above the ground. What’s more, in this way they definitely aren’t hanging too low, there’s no way also for the curtains to appear awkward or spoil the effect with layers puddling all over the floor. Floating curtains is definitely a way to go if we’re not really sure about proper curtain length and the technicalities here. Additionally, if your curtain rod is somehow misplaces, either too low or too high, floating curtains can be a way to save your home design after all. Finally, if you’re still not sure how they should look like you can check online pictures and design ideas for hanging curtains.

Hanging curtains – practical information

Hanging curtains – practical information

Hanging curtains – what you need to know

Curtains are really important element of home design and interior. They can make your living room stand out and effectively draw attention of your guests. Interestingly, even the smallest rooms and the ones appearing dull and boring can gain a new life with carefully chosen and artfully hanged curtains. Although, many people know that choosing curtains can have a huge effect on your general home design, not many tend to really care about proper curtains hanging. Yet, hanging curtains can be quite a challenge. It’s not a simple task of hanging curtains and forgetting about it afterwards. When hanging curtains you need to remember about few things. The most important things you need to consider when hanging them are: curtains length, placement of curtain rod, rod’s width and curtains panels. How to approach this topic practically so later you won’t have problems with sloppy curtains flooding your floor or hanging too high?

Hanging curtains – practical tips

First of all, remember about proper placement of curtain rod. If it’s too high or even worse, too low it can spoil the final effect. Even the most stunning curtains won’t look good if they’re spilling uncontrollably over your floor or hanging a way too high. Curtain rod should be placed slightly above window frame so that your curtains can hang properly no matter their length. Of course, when you’re buying new curtains you should definitely think of curtain rod placement. If you think of it in advance you can choose curtain’s length accordingly and save yourself future trouble. Another practical tip when it comes to hanging curtains is the fact that you need to stay away from hanging them too low or too high. After all, you don’t want to have them floating in mid-air, kissing the floor or puddling over it in layers. All three ways prove that something is definitely wrong with your curtain rod placement. Finally, remember that some patterns can make your room appear optically bigger and warmer. In any case remember that you need to plan everything ahead.

Practical solutions – feel at ease in your kitchen

Practical solutions – feel at ease in your kitchen

Contemporary kitchens – features

Kitchens are usually very important places in our house. They are the very centers of everyday activities, busy with life and ongoing actions. Kitchens are the places where you are preparing food, cooking, eating and spending family time. They’re very often the very center of your life. Hence, it’s really important to keep your kitchen up to date with the newest solutions and technological advancements. Interestingly, it’s not only about fitting and installing state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances or having your kitchen furnished with high quality materials, like natural stones or wood. To keep in functional and modern you need to apply a series of practical solutions that can truly make it comfortable and convenient to use. First of all, you need to define contemporary kitchen features and then fall in line with practical solutions.

What are contemporary kitchens features? First of all, modern kitchens are minimalistic, simple, carefully arranged and organized and highly practical. The wall paints are rather classic, there’s a trend to keep kitchen in the shades of white, cream or grey with some elements of black. Decorative elements are usually kept to the minimum because they tend to distract our attention and be more of an obstacle than a practical feature. When it comes to, at first sight obvious elements, such as curtains they too need to be practical and then aesthetically pleasing. Practical solutions in case of curtains mostly come to the fact that curtains shouldn’t be too decorative, too long or too short. Moreover, their material need to adjusted to the general kitchen arrangement and other materials used.

Contemporary kitchens – practical solutions

What are the examples of practical solutions in a contemporary kitchen? First of all, you can think of kitchen storage areas. They need to be kept functional and as such must be placed in easily accessible locations. Storage drawers and cabinets should be located strategically and it’s also a good idea to have them carefully organized. Dividing drawers according to the products you keep there is just one of the useful ideas. Other practical solutions are for example cabinets hidden in the walls (saving up space), fixtures and equipment elements popping out straight from the walls or high quality workspaces.